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Friday 29th April 2016
As Mother's Day draws close, a group of seemingly unconnected people come to terms with the relationships they have with their mothers. Sandy (Jennifer Aniston) is a divorced mother of two boys whose ex-husband has recently remarried a younger woman named Tina (Shay Mitchell). Miranda (Julia Roberts) is an accomplished writer who gave up her only child, Kristin (Britt Robertson) for adoption at birth. But as a grown-up Kristin prepares herself for marriage, she begins to contemplate the missing part in her life and is encouraged by her friend, Jesse (Kate Hudson), to go out and find her mother. Meanwhile, Jesse, who never sees her mother, is surprised by her parents when they come to visit and must come to terms with their failing relationship.
Century Stadium 5
Mother's Day
A Comedy with Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, and Jason Sudeikis
Nightly: 7:20 9:30
Sat Matinees: 2:00 4:10
Sun Matinees: 4:00 ONLY
Rated PG-13
P: Profanity: Moderate S: 2Sexual Situations: Moderate N: Nudity: Moderate V: Violence: Mild
Long before her death, the sorceress Ravenna learns that her younger sister Freya is not only engaged in an illicit affair with the Duke of Blackwood, but is carrying his child. When Freya gives birth to a daughter, the Magic Mirror predicts the infants beauty will surpass Ravenna's and warns her of dire consequences should the infant be harmed. Sometime later, Freya discovers that the Duke has murdered their child and, in a grief-fueled rage, kills him with her long-suppressed ice powers.

Freya abandons the kingdom and builds herself a solitary ice palace deep in the North, murdering anyone who opposes her while amassing an army of children and molding them into trained warriors whose hearts will be forever hardened. When Eric and Sara, two of her most formidable warriors, fall in love and plan to elope, Freya creates a wall of ice to separate them before forcing Eric to watch as Sara is killed. Unbeknownst to Eric, Freya has conjured a vision of Sara dying in order to permanently harden his heart. Sara, meanwhile, watches Eric run away before being taken to the dungeon.

Seven years later, King William of Tabor comes across Eric and informs him that the Magic Mirror was taken while en route to a place known as Sanctuary. Eric reluctantly sets off with Nion and Gryff, two of Snow White's allies, to find the Mirror, unaware that Freya has been secretly observing their conversation through a mask that projects her consciousness into the form of a white owl.

While en route, the trio are attacked by a legion of Freya's Huntsmen but are rescued by Sara and convince female dwarves Bromwyn and Doreena to help them retrieve the mirror. The group reach the Sanctuary and defeat the goblins who possess the Magic Mirror only to be ambushed by Freya, who reveals Sara was using them the entire time. In the chaos that follows, Nion and Doreena are turned into ice statues and Sara kills Eric. Freya departs with the Mirror, unaware that Eric is still alive.

Freya eventually activates the mirror, which turns out to be another form of Ravenna. Ravenna reveals she possessed herself into the mirror and waited for someone to free her. Meanwhile, Eric has infiltrated the icy kingdom and attempts to murder Freya, but he is stopped by Ravenna. Eric is able to convince a few huntsman to fight against Ravenna and Freya, claiming the love of brethren. The two sisters argue over the icy kingdom, during which Freya discovers that Ravenna cursed the Duke of Blackwood into murdering her child, rather than risk someone being more beautiful than her. Freya is filled with anger at this and turns against her sister, joining forces with Eric and Sara. Freya is fatally wounded, but not before she can freeze the magic mirror, as Eric throws his axe, destroying the mirror and Ravenna's spirit. As she dies, Freya witnesses Eric and Sara together and states they were lucky before succumbing to her wounds.

The icy kingdom and the frozen people are eventually freed, while Eric and Sara, Bromwyn and Gryff, and Nion and Doreena express their love towards each other. The film ends with the bird spirit of the magic mirror flying above the icy kingdom, implying that Ravenna has survived.
Century Stadium 5
The Huntsman: Winter's War
Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth in an Action Adventure
Nightly: 7:30 9:35
Sat Matinees: 2:00 4:10
Sun Matinees: 4:00 ONLY
Rated PG-13
P: Profanity: Moderate S: 2Sexual Situations: Moderate N: Nudity: Mild V: Violence: Moderate
The man-cub Mowgli flees the jungle after a threat from the tiger Shere Khan. Guided by Bagheera the panther and the bear Baloo, Mowgli embarks on a journey of self-discovery, though he also meets creatures who don't have his best interests at heart.
Century Stadium 5
The Jungle Book
An Action Adventure from Walt Disney
Nightly: 7:15 9:15
Sat Matinees: 2:00 4:00
Sun Matinees: 4:00 ONLY
Rated PG
P: Profanity: Moderate S: 0Sexual Situations: None N: Nudity: None V: Violence: Moderate
A Portokalos family secret brings the beloved characters back together for an even bigger and Greeker wedding.
Century Stadium 5
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
A Hilarious Comedy with the Original Cast
Nightly: 7:20 9:20
Sat Matinees: 2:00 4:00
Sun Matinees: 4:00 ONLY
Rated PG-13
P: Profanity: Moderate S: 2Sexual Situations: Moderate N: Nudity: Mild V: Violence: Mild
The memories and skills of deceased CIA agent Bill Pope are implanted into gruff convict, Jericho Stewart, in order to finish an incomplete mission.
Century Stadium 5
Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Ryan Reynolds in an Action/Thriller
Nightly: 7:25 9:35
Sat Matinees: 2:00 4:10
Sun Matinees: 4:00 ONLY
Rated R
P: Profanity: Extreme S: 2Sexual Situations: Moderate N: Nudity: Moderate V: Violence: Extreme
Burley Theatre
Kung Fu Panda 3
A Fun Animated Film for the Whole Family
Fri-Tues: 7:30 9:30
Rated PG
P: Profanity: Moderate S: 0Sexual Situations: None N: Nudity: None V: Violence: Mild
Century Stadium 5
ADULTS (13-64) $8.00
KIDS (3-12) $5.50
SENIORS (65 and over) $5.50
3D Movies
ADULTS $9.50
Includes 3D Glasses
Burley Theatre
* Prices subject to change *
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