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Friday 28th August 2015
Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms) is a disenchanted pilot for Econo-Air, and he shares a very estranged relationship with his wife, Debbie (Christina Applegate), and their two sons, the shy and anxious older son, James (Skyler Gisondo), and the cruel and mean-spirited younger son, Kevin (Steele Stebbins). Envious of the vacation the family of his friends, Jack (Keegan-Michael Key) and Nancy (Regina Hall), had in Paris, he decides to nix his family's annual trip to their cabin in Cheboygan, Michigan and instead drive cross country to Walley World, just as he had years before with his parents and sister (as seen in the original Vacation film).

Along the way, the Griswolds make many stops. The first is Memphis, where it's revealed that the otherwise laid-back Debbie was an extremely promiscuous woman in college. While staying at a motel, James meets Adena (Catherine Missal), a girl his age that he saw while driving on the highway, but is scared away by Rusty trying to entice her towards him in a very creepy awkward way. In Arkansas, they are led to a supposedly hidden spring by a drifter, but when they realize that it's a sewage dump, they return to their car only to see it broken into and their luggage and cash stolen. They're then forced to stop in Texas to receive assistance from Rusty's sister, Audrey (Leslie Mann), and her husband, Stone Crandall (Chris Hemsworth). Rusty begins to suspect tension in his relationship with Debbie due to Stone's obviously outward sexual behavior and actions, but she dispels his suspicions.

Spending the following night at an Arizona campsite, Rusty and Debbie go off to have an unsuccessful attempt at sex at the Four Corners while James finally asserts himself against Kevin with help from Adena (who also happens to be there). The next morning, after nearly getting killed by a suicidal rafting guide (Charlie Day) in the Grand Canyon, their rental car runs out of gas in the middle of the desert and explodes, leading Rusty to relent over the miserable trip and walk off alone. After being tailed-down by a seemingly manic truck driver (Norman Reedus) over what was thought to be a derogatory comment left by Kevin earlier in the trip, he instead returns Debbie's missing wedding ring and gives them a lift to San Francisco, where they spend the night at a bed-and-breakfast run by Rusty's parents, Clark (Chevy Chase) and Ellen (Beverly D'Angelo), with the intent of flying home to Chicago the next day. It's there that Rusty and Debbie confront each other about their eroding marriage and decide to start over again.

With some coaxing by Clark the next morning, Rusty decides to drive his family to Walley World to ride their newest coaster, Velociraptor. After spending the entire day waiting in line, they are cut off by a more successful airline pilot rival of Rusty's and his family before the announcement of the park's closing. The two families brawl in the line, ending with the other family deciding to flee. The Griswolds finally board the ride, but it stalls halfway up a loop, and they are rescued after several hours. They are brought closer by the experience, and Rusty uses his airline connections to spend a relaxing vacation in Paris alone with Debbie.
Century Stadium 5
A Hilarious Comedy Adventure
Nightly: 7:25 9:25
Sat Matinees: 2:00 4:00
Sun Matinees: 4:00 ONLY
Rated R
P: Profanity: Extreme S: 3Sexual Situations: Extreme N: Nudity: Extreme V: Violence: Moderate
In their new overseas home in Southeast Asia, an American family finds themselves caught in the middle of a coup, and they frantically look for a safe escape in an environment where foreigners are being immediately executed.
Century Stadium 5
No Escape
Action Thriller starring Owen Wilson, Pierce Brosnan - Starts Wednesday
Nightly: 7:25 9:25
Sat Matinees: 2:00 4:00
Sun Matinees: 4:00 ONLY
Rated R
P: Profanity: Extreme S: 3Sexual Situations: Extreme N: Nudity: Moderate V: Violence: Extreme
Ricki chased her dreams of becoming a famous rock star by abandoning her family. She gets a chance to put things right when her ex-husband Pete asks her to visit Indianapolis and help their estranged daughter Julie through a difficult time.

Ricki has a rock band that plays a regular gig at a small bar, when she isn't working as a cashier to make ends meet. Julie recently attempted suicide because her husband cheated on her and is divorcing her. Despite being broke, Ricki comes to Indianapolis to help her daughter, but Julie is hostile. Likewise, her two sons are hostile and unwelcoming. One is gay and the other recently became engaged, though no one told their mother. Still, Ricki gets through to Julie. Unfortunately, her husband's second wife, Maureen, returns unexpectedly, confronting Ricki with some hard truths. She wasn't there for her children when they needed her and Maureen was. Ashamed, Ricki returns to her band in California angry and bitter, insulting her guitarist who is in love with her. He makes her realize he cares and they make love. Maureen sends Ricki an invitation to the son's wedding as an olive branch, but Ricki can't afford to go. Her boyfriend sells his best guitar to pay for the tickets. Despite her attempts at reconciliation, it's clear she's still an outsider. The wedding guests look askance at Ricki when she gets up to toast the bride and groom. As her gift, having no money, she has her band take over and play for the guests. Her son and his bride start the wedding dance and slowly the guests join in.
Century Stadium 5
Ricki And The Flash
A Musical Comedy Drama
Nightly: 7:30 9:30
Sat Matinees: 2:00 4:00
Sun Matinees: 4:00 ONLY
Rated PG-13
P: Profanity: Moderate S: 2Sexual Situations: Moderate N: Nudity: Moderate V: Violence: Moderate
Century Stadium 5
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
An Action Comedy Adventure
Nightly: 7:30 9:40
Sat Matinees: 2:00 4:20
Sun Matinees: 4:00 ONLY
Rated PG-13
P: Profanity: Moderate S: 2Sexual Situations: Moderate N: Nudity: Moderate V: Violence: Moderate
MF agent Ethan Hunt is tracked down by the Syndicate, a highly trained organization of rogue assassins that kill on order. With the help of his colleagues, he plans to bring the Syndicate down by any means necessary.
Century Stadium 5
Mission:Impossible - Rogue Nation
Tom Cruise in an Action Thriller
Nightly: 7:20 9:40
Sat Matinees: 2:00 4:20
Sun Matinees: 4:00 ONLY
Rated PG-13
P: Profanity: Moderate S: 2Sexual Situations: Moderate N: Nudity: Moderate V: Violence: Moderate
Military working dog Max, a Belgian Malinois, returns from service in Afghanistan, traumatized by his handler's death. He's adopted by the fallen Marine's family, and they help each other heal from their loss.
Burley Theatre
A Heart-Warming Family Adventure
Fri-Tues: 7:30 9:30
Rated PG
P: Profanity: Mild S: 0Sexual Situations: None N: Nudity: None V: Violence: Mild
Century Stadium 5
ADULTS (13-64) $8.00
KIDS (3-12) $5.50
SENIORS (65 and over) $5.50
3D Movies
ADULTS $9.50
Includes 3D Glasses
Burley Theatre
* Prices subject to change *
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